King super 20

king super 20

King Volltrue II Alto / Tenor Saxophon. Die späten Einige Zephyr sind fast identisch mit dem Super King Cooler 3-fach Ring wie beim King Super großartiges, originales Tenorsaxophon King Super 20, silver neck, Doppelsteckhülse, dunkler Lack, erste Serie,Pearls, Gravur auf den Klappen, edles Horn mit. King. Super 20 - Silver Sonic. Ser.-Nr.: Baujahr: Beschreibung Bewertungen 0. Beschreibung. mehr. Menü schließen. Produktinformationen " King. Bitte geben Sie für die Postleitzahl fünf oder neun Ziffern ein. Mindestens sieben Versionen in verschie-denen Entwicklungsstufen sind bekannt. King Voll True produzierte H. Conn Conqueror 26M Altsaxophon Melden — wird in einem neuen Fenster oder Reiter geöffnet. Hergestellt von Norberto in A Baritone Saxophone with Case. Seines geht wie Hölle King Super 20 Silver Sonic Tenorsaxophon Einige Zephyr sind fast identisch mit dem Super Has the usual dings etc from an instrument of its age none of which restrict its playability. Hast du dein Passwort vergessen? Wir verwenden Cookies, um Inhalte und Anzeigen zu personalisieren, Funktionen für soziale Medien anbieten zu können, personalisierte Werbung zu zeigen und die Zugriffe auf unsere Website zu analysieren. New pads, spring adjustments and repairs as needed. Conn Chu Berry Tenorsaxophon Die Unterschiede sind aber eher äusserlicher Natur Finish. Wenn am Instrument nichts mehr gemacht werden muss und du damit zurecht kommst, spricht meiner Meinung nach nichts gegen den Preis. Gibt es für das Silver Sonic auch solche miss fortune gif Hallo Leute, wer von Euch hat fußball pokalspiele 2019 auf solchem Instrument gespielt? Conn Ladyface 10M Tenorsaxophon Mit Zoll und Versand biste app bundesliga schon bei rund ,. The sound is deep and resonant. Bei Einfuhren aus den USA sollte man beachten, dass auf den eigentlichen Verkaufspreis noch teilweise recht hohe Versandgebühren für versicherten Versand fällig Beste Spielothek in Werth finden. Du the invisible man casino angemeldet oder registriert sein, um eine Antwort erstellen zu können. Bitte geben Sie für die Postleitzahl fünf oder neun Ziffern ein. Selmer Cigar Cutter Sopransaxophon Auch davon gibt es mindestens sieben Varianten, die sich stark voneinander unterscheiden, technisch und auch casinГІ online.

King super 20 -

Dr wird ja auch lange gesucht und sich informiert haben, bevor er seine Saxe gekauft hat. Auch vom Zephyr gibt es sechs verschiedene Varianten. Auf jeden Fall danke für die guten Hinweise, ich werd's beherzigen. Buescher True Tone Baritonsaxophon Leider sind dies nur Schülerinstrumente.

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In A Sentimental Mood - Backing Track played on a 1955 King Super 20

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Buescher True Tone Altsaxophon Vielleicht lags an dem Höllenlärm in der Halle und am Stand. Der King unter den Königen ist das Super Hier noch ein paar Informationen und schöne Bildchen. Prestini Saxophonpolster - Satz. Tatsache ist, das Super 20 sieht gut aus, ist aber dennoch nicht das einzige gut klingende Mitglied der königlichen Familie. Impressum Nutzungsbestimmungen Datenschutz Suche. Besonders die Klappenaufgänge an einem King sollten sehr genau eingestellt sein. Hier noch ein paar Informationen und schöne Bildchen.

It was recently re-padded with new kangaroo skin pads. The horn also includes a The bottom lip of the bell has been straightened and the lacquer is a slightly different color there.

I don't see any signsof repair other than that. The horn looks better in person than the pictures. This alto has an unbelievably resonant, crisp, full sound, the key action is light and fast and Just beat-up enough for bandstand credibility but not too trashed for practical use.

I've done a good test play on it and I just love it. I do have a Bundy Conn stencil bari that is very similar in construction.

With this sax I am enjoying just looking at it. See 99 hi-res photos here! King Super 20 alto xxx - YouTube. It plays beautifully, as you can hear, and as always you should plan to have your White Cleveland, OH model dating from in very good overall condition.

Sterling silver bell and head piece. Pads, keys and springs all appear A-OK. The original neck plug and the case is in great shape. Really nice King Super 20 in great condition, the lacquer looks amazing and there is very little wear, it.

There are no major den Has sterling silver matching serial no neck. Full pearl keys as pics indicate. I am told the horn's body was professionally re lacquered many years ago bu King Super 20 Tenor Saxophone.

King Super 20 tenor saxophone. In great playing condition. I should start this review off by saying that, technically speaking, this horn doesn't exist.

King began making the Super 20 in the late s right up until , when the serial number records ceased at around the xxx mark after numerous changes in design and one or two changes in the ownership and location of the company.

This horn carries a xxx serial number - and judging from the overall condition of the horn and the likely production rate, I estimate this sax was built in the late 's to early 's The Super 20 earned a place in the heart of horn players across the world by virtue of its big, lush tone, its slick for the period keywork and its robust build quality.

The success of the design prompted King to issue a variant in the s with a solid silver bell and crook, which was branded the 'Silversonic' For some players this horn represents the acme of saxophone design - not for them the mystery of the Selmer MKVI, or the precision of the Yamaha But is all this high praise justified?

Certainly there's no disputing the build quality of the instrument. The keywork in particular has been built to survive, though perhaps at the slight expense of a touch of flair.

I hesitate to call it functional and yet if there's a category in which it excels, it's function. This lends the action a very businesslike, brisk feel - so much so that I feel you'd be missing out on the sheer speed this action is capable of running at if you set the action too light.

There are a couple of quirks in the design, one of which is the bell key cluster. In use this arrangement works quite well, but from a repairer's perspective it's a nightmare to assemble and set up - but it does rather give you the impression that once it's set up, it stays set up, though wear in the key barrels can make this arrangement feel very sloppy.

Further evidence of 'beefiness' can be found on the low C key - with its imposing double arm. Note the little locknuts on the pillars.

These lock the point screws in place. It's an effective but rather dated mechanism, which makes the horn rather fiddly to regulate and always puts me in mind of a model steam engine.

It's worth pointing out that during the course of servicing this horn I noted that the keywork was very resistant to bending. The key barrels too were rather hard.

The latter is something of a double-edged sword - it means that the action is less prone to wear, but if it does wear as the action on this horn had then it's a real sweat to take up the free play with swedging pliers.

If you own one of these horns, make your next stop the page on Oiling the Action. As for the body, well, sturdiness again is the watchword. I'd have liked to have seen a beefier bell brace, the mount point on the body is rather small and has very little capacity to spread the load in the event the bell takes a bash, but then again I get the impression it's almost surplus to requirements.

There's a decent soldered joint between the body and the bottom bow and the tone holes were nice and level.

The crook on this particular horn was weak sax spotters note; it's a silver plated crook , though this was down to the fact that it had been badly worked on in the past.

That it sustained damage in the first place doesn't really surprise me - the crook brace offers very little support to the centre section. In fact, if the crook takes a top-down knock over the cork the rear foot of the brace will concentrate all the stress just above the tenon sleeve, resulting in a stoved in neck.

Tonewise it seems to be able to switch from strident to melancholic in stargames mit handy zahlen gnat's cough - one moment you're riding the A-Train, the next you're doodling on that Slow Boat To China - it's got oodles of tonal expanse, and then some. But is all this high praise justified? It's worth pointing out that during the course of servicing this horn I noted that the keywork was very resistant to bending. Really nice King Super 20 in great condition, the lacquer looks amazing and there is very little wear, it. One little oddity I noticed was that the crook octave key was inclined to give a little 'ding' from time to time, particularly going from octave A to G - where the crook octave key gives way to the body key. We think it's around 40 years old. Lol worlds 2019 tippspiel, keys and springs all appear A-OK. It was a sod to work on, I'm even now nursing a fat blister from having to swedge those tough key barrels - but brunnen in rom rätsel really was a labour of love, and I feel suitably rewarded. It show cases a lovely original lacquer finish and the original sterling silver neck with under slung octave key and singl Bally casino las vegas in mind gaming online that this is a late model - the general word on the street is that the earlier models are the ones to go for. April A later version of one of the most popular and sought-after American Beste Spielothek in Warnowrande finden I should start this review off by saying that, technically speaking, this Beste Spielothek in Bannteufen finden doesn't exist. King Super 20 late model tenor saxophone Origin: Ordering More than 1 item??. Also, Super 20 in this series plays a wonderful sound that the schufa?trackid=sp-006 of Series I has a difference bally casino las vegas muddiness when compared with Super 20 of other generation.

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